Lutheran Ministry at ASU's mission is...


to share the love of Jesus Christ at ASU and beyond. This begins, continues and ends with demonstrating genuine care and concern for every person regardless of who they are, where they're from, what they've done, what they believe, etc.

We will faithfully and fruitfully fulfill our God-given mission by these values:

  • Christ-centered, Bible-based

  • Relationships with ASU students, faculty and staff

  • Partnering with others who share our values, mission and vision for campus ministry at ASU

  • Spiritual growth of Christians

  • New Christians (persons who come to saving faith in Jesus Christ)

  • God-pleasing consensus and the healthy diversity of viewpoints that is often needed to achieve it

  • Ministry sustainability

Our vision statement

Lutheran Ministry at Arizona State University (LM@ASU), an Arizona nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, is a cooperative effort among many Phoenix-area congregations and the LCMS’s Pacific Southwest District that faithfully and fruitfully shares the love of Jesus Christ at ASU and beyond.


LM@ASU serves ASU as the ministry is gifted by the Lord to meet needs that are identified by the university. As a result, the ministry builds positive and meaningful relationships with ASU students, as well as faculty and staff, which leads to opportunities to share the Gospel with them and others. Thanks to LM@ASU’s positive relationship with Phoenix-area LCMS congregations – relationships that include utilizing many of their members as volunteers – connecting these ASU students, faculty and staff with these congregations is a natural result.


LM@ASU is fully and generously supported by the prayers and financial gifts of many individuals and families, Phoenix-area and other Arizona LCMS congregations, the LCMS’s Pacific Southwest District, and others.


While all colleges and universities, communities, and congregations are unique and, therefore, every campus ministry is also unique, LM@ASU is a campus ministry that serves as a model to help others start new campus ministries and transform struggling ones.

Supporting Churches

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